Hamazhusi …. place to eat sushi

Not in Japan if you not eat sushi….. who says? Keys says xixixi

Near my “nest”, Estore-jya apato, there is a mall called Mr. Max. Here we can find one sushi restaurant called Hamazushi. Don’t be surprised, because of the queue in front of the restaurant and also its price. Sushi is so cheap. Of course, if you try to converse it to Rupiah it will be expensive for only one plate of sushi.

When you come in the dine time, the queue will be longer and you need to get your number of queue. I am so sorry that i dont have the picture of the queue due to shy reason hahaha. It will be funny when i took the picture of them, while i was informed that Japanese do not easily being pictured without permission. Well then, lets just pretend that we are coming in the right time when standing and sitting in the queue is not really matter.

Sitting in the table with self service system i think is a typical way of sushi restaurant. But here in Japan, everything is mostly a self-serviced type. In the table we will find a monitor hanging in the rack in which we have to touch and select the menu of what kind of sushi to be ordered at that time. under the monitor, there is a circle-able desk in which sushi with or without ordered is circulating from the kitchen. We could take and eat it because the calculation is based on how many plate in your table.

The interesting part of eating sushi in restaurant in Japan is when your order is ready to be served. from the monitor as i mentioned earlier, there will be a happy sound showing that your order is ready. Just like this…horray horray horray my food is coming ^^

Shortly your order will come through the circle-able desk and we can just take and eat it directly.

I am not quite good in eating fresh fish sushi since i think it is fishy in my mouth 😛 therefore, i prefer to choose the grill sushi that although it was a half raw grill but better than the raw fish served. However, when i tried to eat the fresh one, it was not fishy at all just the sensation of Indonesia that only eat lalapan in a raw form hihihi

IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0477 IMG_0478the friend of sushi is, of course, wasabi, as the above sachet. I dislike the wasabi, because of the taste.

Well, just try to eat sushi…..you only need 4 to 5 plate each consist of 2 sushi as the picture above, and you will feel very full. Yet, of course it depends on your tummy capacity hihi.

Oya, i almost forget to remind you, better not choose any kind of sushi that is fried as the second picture. In my menu, i choose the oyster fried, and i found it without oyster taste at all. the taste has been changed with the crispy flour that make it crunchy. I dont like it, because the essence of eating sushi is find out the taste of the fish it self. But, it is all up to you to decide what you wanna eat right?

So, when you find it the same like mind, please remember that i’ve told you ….;) ^.^


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