IdulAdha 1434 H – 2013 M dan Topan Widha di Kanagawa

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillah hilham

Alhamdulillah, we were just meet the Iduladha 1434 H yesterday, 15 October 2013. Happy Eid Qurban

Alhamdulillah too that i found this is the second time i celebrate it not in my house, nor in my country. Alhamdulillah……

it was a blessed that firstly i thought i will not be able to have the sholat Eid this year, because the school is keep going and the mosque as well as the place to pray is far enough from my apato. But, then the news is coming. Indonesian muslim in Shonan Fujisawa Campus will held their own Eid pray yesterday. So, there were 10 persons in the pray day, but it was bless that together we could held the jamaah and get close to each other as a family in Japan.

After the pray, we were talk about the possibility of typhoon approaching Tokyo and Kanagawa. It is called as typhoon Widha if i am not mistaken. it is start raining around 10 o’clock in the morning that was also the sign that typhoon is coming. All day is raining until my class is finish around 6 o’clock and we are take maghrib pray and go home around 6.30. And you know what? it was still raining.

Because of the news of typhoon is quite scary, i decided to go home directly and reach apato as soon as possible. But, in the middle of the way the rainfall was combined with wind and i just thought that o my god the gale is coming. how about the typhoon? i was walking with my friend that night under the umbrella, mine is a single umbrella so as my friend. because of the strong wind and rain, her umbrella was turned back so that she could not used it anymore…… it was so funny but also pity that in the middle of rain she could not use her umbrella. Thus, under the selfish umbrella – i called my single person umbrella as a selfish umbrella- both of us try to reach apato as soon as possible.

Arrive in the apato, i grab my laptop and search for the warning of typhoon from jma – Japan Meteorological Agency- that always published the up to date warning in Japan.

jma typhoonthe best thing in Japan is their prevention in facing such kind of natural disaster. In my campus, for example. it was announced that all students should monitor the jma to find our wether the warning is removed. When the warning is removed than the class will be held, if not it is better for all students to stay in their house. Keep safe.

Another way to remind people is by having like ambulance or police car running around the housing area and informing the condition of typhoon or other disaster. Therefore, last night it was quite noise because usually this place is quite and peace. Last night the officer’s cars are nguing nguing every time. But it was good… and i like the way they face the typhoon.

Today, after a very cold morning at around 10 in the morning, the sun come out and have a very bright sky. As nothing happened last night.

When you come and see the sky this noon, you will not believe that last night a typhoon was happen, the river reach its high level although it is not flood.

Yup….my Iduladha this year is so fantastic, that probably i could called it as funtastic. it was not fun for that original meaning…because fun means giving a very deep meaning in my heart in my mind and in my soul.

Alhamdulillah ya Allah


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