we all know about kiwi, right? the green fruit with bristle, sometimes it is sweet and mostly little bit sour but delicious?

I have read in some article that kiwi has a lot of vitamin C instead of apple, and it is also good for those who want to have a baby. If i am not mistaken.

what i want to discuss now is do you really know how to eat a kiwi?

most of us as Indonesian, i guess will answer simply peel the rind with knive and eat. Well i am not say that it is wrong, because as long as you peel put the rind then it will be OK. because kiwi is not like apple that we can eat all part of it.

But, since now, it is better to consider other way of eating kiwi. remembering that kiwi has a very soft rind, it is better to eat it this way; by just simply cut it of into two parts (u can use knife or just cut it with your spoon) then eat it with spoon just like eating ice cream.

IMG_0488 IMG_0490it is so easy and fun….. Lets try sometime. ^^


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