history of city

Today, i was attending the class entitled history of city and living environment. In this subject, i was interested with one change of the city of Edo (Tokyo) especially related to the railway in outer moat. Let me focus more on the establishment of it. In the slide presented by my sensee, the railways was established in 1888. From that slide, i was wondering how about Indonesia? Is Indonesia has train in the same time like Japan?

Asking around to google.com, i found some information about the first train in Indonesia. Of course, if we have the train there will be the railway right? So just make it simple by having this viewpoint ^^

taken from Sejarah perkeratapian di Indonesia (http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sejarah_perkeretaapian_di_Indonesia#Sejarah_perkeretaapian_Indonesia_1875-1925) this is the history of our first railway….or maybe just called it as the first railway in Indonesia.

Railway in Indonesia was build in 1867 in Semarang for the Semarang – Tanggung route (around 26 km) by NISM, N.V. (Nederlands – Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij) with wide of railway 1,435 mm. the railway was build for the request of King Willem I for the military purpose in Semarang and food warehouse in Semarang. Furthermore, to fill in the need of agriculture from Indonesia, the Netherlands government since 1867 has made a lot of railways web, which are ended up in Tanjung Priok Jakarta and Tanjung Perak Surabaya. Semarang, although it has a strategic place, but it has no goods / things port; thus, every things sent to Batavia or Soerabaja.

From here, we found out that our first railway was build 21 years earlier than in Japan, but with very significant different. can you guess that guys?

Yup, you are right. our first railway was made by the colonized country at that time i.e Dutch, while Japan made theirs for the first time with their own technology and effort.

So, it is time to learn for us as the next generation. Would we will always be the left behind? Or would we be at least in the same position with them? I prefer the second choice, and do my best to be better than them.




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