Sakura Rasaku

It is a great opportunity to be here and meet three different seasons already: fall, winter, and now spring.
After a short journey yesterday to a small park near apato near the river, I have not walk out again to see more sakura cherry blossom trees with its beautiful full of flowers. Unless looking at friends picture in facebook… And sure they are so amazing. I mean the sakura 🙂
One thing wondering in my mind: may i pick the cherry blossom?
Since sakura is a once in a year flower, i have a plan to put it in my book and make it dry, just a little is ok but i can bring it to Indonesia and my family can see it touch it too, been here too. Dried flower is better than only pictures right? Well i guess yes ^^
I do not know how and why, but sakura makes me wanna smile. Looking at the trees, the big trees, full of flowers is a short of WOW. If we commonly found big trees with lot of leaves, then imagine all those leaves change its color and shape into flowers in baby pink color. Will you wanna smile like me? I bet you will.
Sakura Rasaku, it is not only a game of word but it really happen. Looking at sakura bring out happines and relax. Rasaku. Another new experience, another new picture to be framed in my heart.
Talking about picture, usually we want to take so many pictures with our phone or camera, but after that for me i am too lazy to look back to the picture. I choose to see a lot of things with the best camera ever called eyes from Gusti Allah and put it in my heart because they will stay long and pictured clearly in my mind. Of course, i still take number of pictures with my phone hahaha
Hope there is time to enjoy looking at sakura and i will be able to pick some of the flower and make it dry:)

Btw, Can sakura grow in Indonesia? If it possible, i would like to grow it in every public space in Indonesia to spread the happiness. Well, at least i can make people smile 🙂

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